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Basic Principles

It is important to understand the basic nature of the organization. NTEM is committed to spread Software, Hardware and Vocational courses in every corner of Orissa and India. It conducts its operations on its own, generating its own resources having a definite social goal. All the centres are expected to remember this and reflect the same in their attitudes towards choice of work and its implementation. 

NTEM District Co-ordinators and Centre Associates are expected to understand the social needs of their area and matricise their Centre according to such needs. The location should be selected so that they are approachable, their design and presentation should be decent and not such that students are distracted. Office timings should be regularly maintained. Efforts should be made to establish NTEM's image as a professional organization in the area.

Center Layout and Infrastructure

The space required for the cantres has been defined in the affiliation scheme. Each Centre should follow the norms. The furnitures should be selected such that it is convenient for students to study. The office room and classroom should be properly laid out decorated with posters and display boards. 

In other words, every effort should be made to attract students.

Office Management Procedures.

Good location. 
Descent and spacious accommodation. 
Proper enquiry counter. 
Fixed and known office timings. 
Proper classroom. 
Qualified and experienced faculty. 
Polite and persuasive handling of students. 
Proper publicity and social linkages. 
Proper reporting and communication to the head office.

Students Enquiry and Counselling

It is the responsibility of District Co-ordinators and Centre Associates to provide complete information to the students who are visiting the centre and if required proper counselling for selection of course should be conducted.


The centre es are expected to appoint qualified faculty having practical experience. The proposed qualifications are: 

1. M. Tech (Computer) 
2. B.E (Computer Science) 
3. P.G.D.C.A (For regular classes) 
4. D.C.A (for practical) 

Resource Group

Over and above the regular faculty staff and part time faculty NTEM also assist in building up a Resource group around each centre . This includes the officials, influential local persons, professionals working in other organizations, good teachers and communicators who could help in augmenting influence in the society and can find out creative outlet in NTEM?s activities. They should be participated in different activities from time to time.

Student Records 
Following two types of records are 

required to be maintained:

1. Student?s attendance and examination results records. 
2. Student?s Fee record. 

NTEM Head Office maintains a comprehensive database for each student. The centre es are expected to keep an attendance register as well as examination record.


Publicity is of two types. 
1. Central 
2. Local 
Central publicity is conducted by NTEM Head Office whereas local publicity is conducted by the centre es themselves by means of advertisements, pamplets, communication campaigns and popular programmes. 

Placement Support

NTEM Head Office maintains a comprehensive database for placement of students within the district and on inter district basis. Students can avail placement information either from the concerned centres or directly through the Web site by paying a nominal registration fee. 

Ethics Code For Centre Associates

The Centre Manager acts as the connecting link between NTEM, the organization and other individuals associated with it, be it the students, Govt. officials, private individuals. Certain ethics have to be followed keeping in mind the reputation of NTEM and integrity of individuals. 

1. Conduction of course as per the norms laid down by the head office from time to time and in areas allotted to them. 

2. Certificate shall be issued by the Head Office only and the Centre Associates are not authorized to do so. 

3. The Centre Associates are responsible to run their centers and should not create any unhealthy situation for NTEM . 

4. All the parameters mentioned in Centre agreement should be strictly adhered to. 

Responsibilities of Centre Associates 

The important responsibilities of Centre Associates are mentioned below:

1. All payments relating to premises rent, staff salary, electricity and water bills and such other expenses should be made in time to ensure proper operation. Any such irregularities shall not be entertained by NTEM. 

2. Closing down of a Centre without the permission of NTEM is not allowed. If any Centre manager do so, the liabilities with regard to student certificates, cash collection, Centre expenses in previous years etc will be exclusively that of the Centre and in no case shall be entertained by NTEM. In worst case, NTEM can take legal action. 

3. The Centre Associates shall be responsible for checking entry qualifications and relevant certificates. 

4. Centre Associates shall co-operate with District Co-ordinator in his/her district for proper functioning of NTEM. 

Responsibilities of District Co-ordinators

The District Co-ordinator shall have the following responsibilities: 

1. To actively involve in setting up of as many as new NTEM centres in the allocated district as per the rules and agreement of NTEM. 

2. To monitor all the centre es in his district and coordinate the registration of students, monitor quality of training and fees collection to NTEM office within stipulated dates. District Co-ordinators will have to send their Reports to NTEM. 

3. To ensure the availability of hardware, software and infrastructure in all the centres under him according to NTEM office guidelines. 

4. To co-ordinate all the tasks allotted by NTEM regularly. 

The District Co-ordinator himself must have telephone line and e-mail facility at his centre itself.
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